Skyscrapers at the 2006 F/F Nats

July 31 - August 4 2006

Muncie, IN

Dave Acton and his Paamite Hybrid.

Robert "Bobby Lang" Langelius and his original Paaload design.

Alan Abriss and his Woody Blanchard designed 1959 Paamite.

and along side Woody's in the AMA Museum display case.

Bob Hatschek shows off his 1951 Spitball ROW Design

Dave Acton with his Hatschek designed Spitball.

Larry Davidson and his Sal Taibi designed Hydro-Star 300 ROW.

Jean Pailet lounging at the ROW pool.

Bob Hatschek, Frank Parmenter, Dave Thompson and Abram VanDover shoot the breeze at the ROW pool. Ed Mate photo.

Dave Acton preps his Spitball for a flight. Mate photo.

Bob Hatscheck and Bud Romak discuss ROW while Dave Acton gets ready to fly. Photo by Mate.

Dave Acton launches his Spitball while Hatschek times. Mate photo.

Bob Sowder and Bill Chenault pose with Bob's Chenault designed Pearl. Bob waiting for good air and then launching. Don DeLoach photos.

Brian Pacelli took first place in the Jr. category, 2nd overall with his F1P model.

Bobby Geyer prepares his Lucky Lindy.

Jan and Rob Langelius assist their Dad with his Cargo model.

Vito Gagliano sold Skyscraper merchandise.

Bob Sowder does his retrieval on an electric powered bike.

Flight line Thursday 6:45 AM after the Dawn Unlimited event.

The following Dakota photos were taken by Bob Sowder with Larry Davidson's digital camera.....

Dave Acton prepares his Dakota for launch.

Larry Davidson starts his Dakota...

and gets off a perfect launch.

Alan Abriss video taped Larry's flight.

Alan Abriss prepares his Dakota....

Alan starting his Dakota.

Bob Geyer computes the Dakota scores.

The winners of the Dakota event. L to R, Gene Smith (Beauty event),
Larry Davidson 2nd place, Artie Jessup 3rd place, Jim Coffin (kneeling)  first place. 

Tzvetan Tzvetkov winner of F1A

Kathy & Sarah Radziunas and George Batiuk, F1B 7th round.

Anna Chen & Kathy Radziunas

Aram Schlosberg working on his F1B Model.

Dawn Towline.

Wilbur & Orville Society

Rocco Ferrario, Bob Sowder, Al Volmer, Lisa Pacelli, Marge Volmer, Michelle Barron, Michelle Johnson and Bobby Geyer.

Alan Abriss ready to head home.

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