Skyscrapers 70th Anniversary

This was the postage stamp used to mail the invitations.

Sal Taibi visits Barron field.

Dave Acton and Sal discuss flying conditions at Barron field.

Joe Beshar, Sal Taibi, Bernie Liquorman and Chris Maikisch watch the Skyscraper DVD that played throughout the afternoon showing footage from 1938, 1939, 1957, 1985 and 1992.

Bobby Geyer and Sal Taibi holding a Taibi designed "Perris Special". Bobby built the airplane for the 70th Anniversary and all the club members signed the model. Note the aerial view of Galeville on the screen behind them.

Bob Hatschek and Bill Dunwoody.

Dave Mathewson presents the Skyscrapers the AMA's Presidents Award. Club President Dave Acton accepts the award.

Dave Mathewson presents Leon Shulman with a plaque naming Leon an AMA Fellow.

Jean Pailet gives Jimmy Bocckinfuso the "Purple Shaft Award". Bill Dunwoody, the first Skyscraper to receive the "Award", looks on.

Jean Pailet presented Sal and Leon "Outstanding Modeler" awards.

Brian Pacelli is presented with the Youth Achievement Award.

Sal shows off a HydroStar and Leon his Skyscraper. The club was named for Brooklyn's tall buildings and Leon's airplane.

Sal designed the "Brooklyn Dodger", Larry Davidson built the one he's holding.

Leon and Larry.

Elaine Davidson puts a smile on Sal's face.

Lisa Pacelli, designed the invitations, and helped run the event.

Sal and Alan Abriss.

Sal also celebrated his 86th birthday this week.

Models on display.

Bob Hatschek's "Spitball".

Trophy from the Skyscraper's first annual won by Joe Beshar.

Leon Shulman looks at his "Dronette" design. Built by Bob Langelius.

Junior Skyscrapers

The club's namesake.

Vito Gagliano sells club shirts while Karen Abriss sells DVDs.

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