Flight Videos


The videos of club members models while in flight.


Alan Abriss sent in the video below


This video above was shot from Alan's F1J class free flight model airplane. The airplane is powered by a Cyclone 61 engine.
After it lands you'll see the tail pop up. This is what would bring the model down after 2 minutes in the air. Then look for a butterfly making a low pass over the model.

Oliver Cai sent in the videos below

This is my first footage from a camera I attached to the top of my M&K long wing. This was shot while I was practicing during the evening at the Barron Field in Wawayanda, NY.

I tried mounting the camera facing different directions on each practice flight so here's the forward facing camera. Since I mounted it parallel to the fuselage, the camera points at the sky most of the time. I'll try mounting it slightly downwards next time. 

This is my third and final video from the evening practice. Here, I mounted the camera facing backwards but unfortunately I couldn't get the radio DT antenna out of the way. At 2:30, you can see my failed launch attempt since the hook didn't unlatch (I probably didn't pull hard enough). I was able to grab the line and launch the model later. 

Ed Pelatowski flying his Pride of Lemont FAC model

This video was shot at Wawayanda May 29, 2009

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