Ode to an ode to Wawayanda

O’Tewbe’s “WAYWAYANDA”!!
By “Bobbylang”

Many modelers pass our way,
and some rise to be “champ”!

Now Pete O’Tewbe's rumination
sets the bar in a different camp.

I know not of his models,
Nor his prowess with the glue

But he captures the flier’s anguish
With a pen and words so true.

“Skyscrapers” all, read well his prose.
That speaks so well for us
who toil between those muddy rows
and strive for flying times august.

Surely “Purgatory” she must be,
for my angers frequent flashing.
Yet “Waywayanda” is my pleasures goal
and the poet’s notes, consoling!

O’Teweby’s sense and saga noted.
Modelers will give a grudging “Yeah”!!
Surely no one better represented
The new and now-famous “P.L.F.A.C.”

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