Skyscraper Annual

July 9-10 , 2005



Andrew Barron and Contest Director Bob Geyer prepare awards.




Art Ellis prepares his glider while Kathy Radziunas looks on.




Ben Thompson and his glider.




Bob Geyer helps Marian Whitney, 14 with his T-Bird. Brian Pacelli looks on.




Bill Colish with his glider.




Don Rousseau with his new P-30 model.




Dick Ivers with his Coupe Model.




Jean Pailet with his new pal Kiska.




Josh Rivken with his glider.




Kathy Radziunas with her glider.




Kathy took first place in her first contest.




Kathy shows off her award while Bob Hatschek shares her joy.




Kathy's model box.




Kay Faggs contemplates Kathy's glider.




10 year old Margaret Dobroth shows off her P-30 model.




Margaret launches her model.




Marian Whitney readies his T-bird.




Al Volmer holds while Marian fires up his T-birds OK Cub 049.




Oliver Cai shows off his glider.




Sarah Radziunas takes a break from flying.




Bob Sowder with his glider and electric powered bike.




Tom Ioerger launches his Coupe model.



Photos by Alan Abriss


© 2005 Brooklyn Skyscrapers