Wilbur & Orville Contest

June 11-12, 2005


Art Ellis contest director




Brian Pacelli collects his award.



Dave Lacey, Andrew Barron and Tom Kerr watch the awards ceremony.




Don Rousseau, Bob Geyer, Bob Hatschek and Mike Cook also watch the awards.




Alan, Brian and Timothy get their awards.




Andrew and Timothy Barron get their awards.




Don Rousseau gets an award.




Tom Kerr receives his award.




Bob Hatschek was surprised with a cake for his 80th birthday.

(Read Bob's thank you letter, click here.)




Bob was happy that we spelled his name with one "o".




Bob Geyer helps Brian Pacelli with his T-Bird, Lisa Pacelli watches.




Brian gets off a good launch.




Vic Nippert and his electric model.





Mike Cook and his Kiwi.




Andrei Kirilenko launching an airplane or performing ballet, you decide.




Photos by Alan Abriss


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