2023 Contest Calendar

The monthly record trial dates are now the second Sunday of every month: 4/30, 5/14, 6/11, 7/9, 8/13, 9/10, 10/8, 11/12. The monthly meets are used for fun flying and record setting.

New: The Skyscrapers now has a Flying Aces Club Squadron and will be having FAC events. Please note the dates below!

All Skyscraper contests will include the following FAI events.

F1A (glider), F1B(Wakefield), F1C(power) and
F1G(rubber), F1H(glider), F1J+F1P(power) F1Q (Electric), F1S (FAI E36)

The AMA and NFFS events for all contests are as follows;


Fly any airplane, any prop, any amount of rubber. 2 Min max. Keep flying till you drop (either max or dead) Highest score wins. BOM applies.


Electric B
Dawn Unlimited
HL Glider
Cat. Glider

Pee Wee 30
Classic Towline / Bungee Launch Glider (Bungee supplied by the club)
1/4A Nostalgia / 020 Replica (combined)
E-36 Electric

GAS EVENTS (Combined)

AMA Classic and Nostalgia will be combined. All sizes flown together with appropriate engine run.

Scores will be separated for Nationals Cup points.

These events are flown over Saturday and Sunday as specified in the contest schedule.

All events are J,S,O combined unless noted.

AC=Americas Cup Points, NC= National Cup Points, JR+ Junior Team qualifier

2023 Wawayanda Free Flight Contest Schedule

(Dates subject to change or revision)

Contest / Event
Contest Director
April 30
Club field work day / Club luncheon
May 14
Skyscraper Monthly - Flying Aces
May 20 - 21
Hatschek International Challenge* Kerr / Lacey Americas Cup
June 11
Skyscraper Monthly - Flying Aces
June 24 - 25
Dave Acton Annual *
July 9
Skyscraper Monthly - Flying Aces
July 17 - 21
AMA Free Flight Nats
August 13
Skyscraper Monthly - Flying Aces
September 10
Skyscraper Monthly - Flying Aces
September ???
Fall Harvest Classic-------Date TBD
October 8
Skyscraper Monthly
November 12
Skyscraper Monthly


													* Americas Cup Contest / National Cup Contest

Directions to and Hotels near Barron Field

MOTORIZED VEHICHLES: In accordance with the renewed lease agreement between Barron Field, LLC (owner) and Shuback Farms, Inc (lessee), at sanctioned contests on Barron Field, participants are now permitted to drive MOTORCYCLES with caution, and at their own risk, on the edge of each strip of sod (i.e. on the sod within 3 or 4 feet of each ditch) for purposes of model retrieval, but not drive in toward the middle of a strip (so as to not harm the sod that will be harvested). This will enable you to get much closer to the model, going the last twenty five yards or so on foot to get the model, and then continuing on by bike to the next farm road. Depending on the conditions, turning the bike around on the sod may be unadvisable. Follow a method of retrieval and return that will not harm the sod. Motorcycles with wide tires are preferred. Caution: If there have been recent rains, as evidenced by the water level in the ditches, this motorcycle usage is not permitted, as the soft ground can give way, causing harm to you or to the farm. Automobiles and motorcycles are permitted on farm roads, adjacent to farm roads, and on designated grass areas, but not on commercial sod (except as noted above) and not on foot bridges. Golf carts are permitted anywhere on commercial sod or farm roads or grass areas, but not on foot bridges.

Please also note the "Skyscrapers" will have a small first aid kit to assist someone if there are any scrapes or bruises, but "First Aid" Per Se is the responsibility of each contestant!

Anyone wishing to become a "Free Flight" Contest Director can call up the form at the AMA Website! For more information on becoming a Contest Director contact and Model Aviation in general contact the Academy of Model Aeronautics. Let me know and I'll try to get a "Sit Down " with Aram to help you over the "Hurdles"

Finally, It appears there are some updates required on the AMA "Skyscraper" Roster. Some adds, and sadly some deletes. Lets all make a much greater effort to get out and fly this year-bring the kids and the grand-kids.


Aram Schlosberg

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