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Terri Ann Rounsaville

On a beautiful autumn day....probably one of the finest all season we made our way to Galeville and Wawayanda to be part of a special tribute and send off to Bob. For me it would be the first time I have ever attended a release of one's ashes. What really struck me was that while it is sad to say goodbye to a dear friend and loved one, at this event it was truly a celebration of a life of a man whose heart was totally captured by free flight models. It was his wishes to have his ashes scattered at both flying fields, two places where he totally felt at home and where his heart would be forever. As a small gathering of family and friends walked the path to the air strip, there was melancholy conversation about days past. There were sad tender moments but there was a lot of great positive spirit to give Bob just what he asked for. His son worked tirelessly to pack some ashes into a model that would take one last flight and release Bob into the wild blue yonder. A little bit of a hitch caused this event to be delayed for some fine tuning. While a little of Bob wound up at our feet on the runway we all chuckled that Bob would think that was just great! Finally there Alan called the family to the front line and said a few words and with an almost magical swing Bob's ashes soared like an eagle on the wings of air! It looked to me like a hologram rising to the heavens. It was such an epiphany of life, death and the definite continuation of the human spirit. Here I was watching it with my own eyes. A moment of silence was observed and Lucy, Bob's loving wife said, "let's go"! Off we all went to the next send off Wawayanda.

As we arrived there was a larger crowd that had been waiting for Bob (and all of us). The ceremony was similar as the first but not as intimate but certainly had its own beauty and charm. Several people talked about Bob and shared wonderful stories. Again, there was more laughter and smiles than tears. Once again, Alan did his magical swing and swooish! The rest of Bob flew up to the heavens on eagles wings. It almost seemed as though it was all in slow motion....such a natural beauty as I had never seen before. At that moment I realized that in death and cremation we indeed return to the dust of the earth. Not a sad thing as evident by the people that surrounded each other. It was amazement, wonder, love and all that God had promised for us for eternity. We drove home that day so very blessed that we made the decision to step away from the busyness of our life and take part in something bigger than ourselves.

It makes me seriously ponder this form of life's send off and celebration. I will always remember Bob in those final moments with a very special warm heart and just maybe a feeling like it will all be okay after all.

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