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Nat Comfort was not a club member but he did a lot to promote free flight and was past president of NFFS.

Bob Sowder with his Top Banana.

These are some of the contestants who flew at the Challenge this year and stayed until the awards were presented on Sunday. L-R; Dave Acton (CD), Larry Pelatowski, Timothy Barron, Andrew Barron, Tom Vaccaro, Peter Barron, Andrei Kirilenko, Carol Barron (yellow shirt), Gina Barron (green shirt), Julie Barron (red shirt), Frank Paulin, Ranan Lachman, Aram Schlosberg (who also sent in the photo).

Alan Abriss and his Gil Morris designed Kerswap. The model flew right off the board!


Dave Acton and his Tom Thumb model.

Larry Davidson sent in these photographs of his 96" Lanzo FF Bomber with a Brown Jr for SAM fuel allotment events. Nice shop too!

AMA Hall of Fame members at the 2010 King Orange contest in Palm Bay, FL. (Left to right) Skyscrapers Leon Shulman, Jean Pailet, Larry Davidson and Norm Rosenstock. Bob Sifleet was also elected but he was off flying when this was taken. Hank Nystrom and Dave Platt who are not members of the club are on the right. Congratulations on your election to the hall gentleman. Photo by Bill Barr

Josun Cole with his Dad's Bomber.

Edward Cole with Dad's rubber model.

Alan Abriss launches his Pee Wee 30 model at the 2009 Nats. Don Rousseau times it.

Don Rousseau maxes out in Coupe for the first time. At the Wilbur & Orville contest Sept. 12, 2009 at Barron Field, Wawayanda, NY

A Pete Ferrara montage sent in by Syd Krivin

Bob Gutai and Pete Ferrara.

Bob Aberle sent this picture of Pete Ferrara, taken around 1953.

An old pix of TAMBE.

This was a PAL Juvenal aid bureau meet 11/24/37 at Marine Park in Brooklyn.

This was sent to John Carbone by Bernard Richman.

Don't cha just love that tie and jacket the judge is wearing.

John Carbone with his 1/2A power model. He also sent in the 3 photos below.

Jean Pailet, John Carbone and Jim Bocckinfuso at the 1991 Nats.

Bill Passarelli (2nd P-30), John Carbone (2nd F1J) and Jean Pailet (1st F1J) at the 1992 Nats.

Larry Davidson offers some advice to John Carbone. Bob Hatschek looks on.

L-R: Ed Hopper, Mike Poorman, Bill Haught (Jim's dad), and a hiding Bob Hatschek.
I believe it's from 1958 at Applegarth, NJ. The three won the team award for F1C, and Bob was handing out the prizes. Bob Gutai photo.

Vance Gilbert hard at work (!) at the Clearwater Folk Festival at Croton Point,NY. Check out his attire. A great Aloha shirt covered with Pan Am Clippers and ,underneath, a good looking Brooklyn Skyscrapers tee shirt. Vance flys FAC scale models. Vic Nippert photo.

Bob Hatschek ponders his design. His first power model since.........

Dan Marek built Bob Hatschek's "Spitball" for the Skyscraper One Design this year.

Larry Davidson at Eldorado Dry Lake Bed in Nevada at the 2005 SAM Champs
flying his O&R .60F powered Playboy Sr. Cabin model.

This December 1949 Flying Models cover was hand colored and features Bob Hatschek working on a power model. Bob was also topless! The t-shirt was drawn on when the photo was colored.

Bob Lipori's dihedral jig.

Art Collard won the equivalent to the Purple Shaft at the FAC non Nats at Geneseo this last weekend. The Cats Ass Trophy. Had something to do with his buzzing headquarters twice,once right through the tents, and then getting his Martin MO1 caught in the mylar thermal streamer on the climb out. He's not too pleased ! Vic Nippert photo.

Alan Abriss displays the remains of his, "airplane from hell ", Fortastrop. "It flys much better now."

The result of running a golfcart over the airplane to "fix it".

Leon Shulman and his Banshee.

The hinged stabilizer must be for the DT.

The 2 Red Banshees are the original size- 50" Span- one of these has a Cox .049 Glow, other red one has a Hacker B20-Gear drive w/10/4.5 prop- flies very, very well- better than the Cox (DIRTY) model- and more fun because I can throttle back, climb, glide, etc. which Cox Glow cannot do. The 2 Blue models are 'FOAM' -one is 190 Sq.Inch wing area, other is 10% Larger 220 sq. Inch area. Both have AXI 2208-34 motors, 10/4.5 props. and climb BETTER than the original one- VERTICAL and no tendency to loop- it just automatically rolls into a spiral going up at 90 degrees.
The larger (+10%) glides better with lower wing loading- both are 9 ounces RTF-with electrons (Fuel).

Father's Day at Wawayanda. Burt Abriss and son Alan, and Bob Hatschek, Alan's "other" Dad!

Lee Campbell in 1963 before his first contest. Airplane looks like a Starduster.

Brad and Ruth Bain take flight at the 2004 EUSFFC.

Dan Berry and Bob Hatschek at the 2004 EUSFFC.

Bob Geyer, Joe Wagner and Jimmy Bocckinfuso at this years EUSFFC.

Flyers relax in Joe Wagner's workshop after a windy day at the 2004 EUSFFC.

Jean Pailet presents Sara Radziunas the annual youth award and Larry Davidson the modeler of the year at this year's Skyscraper Dinner.

Bob Hatschek launches his Goblin P-30

Sal Taibi at the Perris, CA test field, March 2004

Sal at Claremore, OK 2003, on his way to winning C-Cabin at the 2003 SAM Champs

Sal accepting his 1st place award, Claremore, OK 2003

Sal with his new A-B Hayseed, the special event model for the 2004 SAM Champs at Muncie, IN.

Elaine Davidson shows off husband Larry's new Class "A" Hayseed, has an Arden .19 for power.

Bernie Schoenfeld in front of the JASCO store in NYC 1956.

From a Dallas newspaper at the 1951 Nationals. Dan Marek with glider.

Three photos below from a MAN article on the team selection finals at Caddo Mills in 1972.

This was in Creedmore L.I. at a Skyscrapers contest standing L-R, Frank Knoll, Toby Feuer (hand on knee), Bernie Feiner, George Gilchrist, Art Mansfield, Ed Yulke, Armand Gargiulo, Henny Hendrickson, Sal Taibi, Bernie Liquorman, George Evalenko, Hank Osmer, Carl Cecil. Kneeling L-R, Frank Moss, Leon Shulman, Art Mansfield Jr, Doris Yulke, Pete Tryborn.

This picture is from 1957 at Griffith AFB at Rome NY and is of the Jr., Sr., and O. high point winners. Bob Gutai on the left and Red Lauffler on the right. The Junior winner is unidentified.

Bob still looks at models the same way today!

Jean Pailet in his Lady Lake, FL workshop.


Included in this photo are Scotty Murray, Jerry Stoloff, Leon Shulman, Carroll Moon, Art Slater, and Sal Taibi (holding fuselage).


Who are these guys? Let us know.

#4 Peter Tryborn

Here's what happened when Jimmy Bocckinfuso's 788 Satallite with a K&B 7.5 DT'd before the engine shut off. Not a good thing. Happened at the King Orange in Florida last month. Pieces were coming down for 5 minutes. He never found everything.


Can you identify this current member of the Skyscrapers?


Pete Ferrara with his PAA Load model at the 1953 Mirror Meet, Floyd Bennett Field.


Pete Ferrara (in hat) with unidentified modeler.

Bob Geyer Sr. gets his A-Pay model off to a 6 minute OOS flight at the 1953 NATS.


Bob Geyer Sr. (center) waiting to process his PAA Load model at the 1953 NATS.


Bob Geyer Sr. circa 1950.


Alan Abriss shows off the tattoo his daughter Allison gave him for his 50th birthday.

Jerry Comp, Bob Gutai, and Jim Kutkuhn taken at Round Valley somewhere around 1964. Bob Gutai's model is an original called FAIK. Jerry's airplane is a Condorian ( it says so on the wing, don't know what engine), Jim's is a Heat Wave ( English design, with a K&B 15). Jim Kutkuhn photo.


A custom trailer transports the models.

And serves as a contest meeting place.

Taibi Powerhouse was built in celebration of the club's 25th anniversary in 1961. Flipping the prop is Bob Hatschek. Assisting is Bill Dunwoody. And it was no official flight because the builder-of-model rule was ignored The model was built in Dunwoody's shop in one weekend by about eight members. All strip wood in the model was ripped out of a length of 2 x 4. Stabilizer was full of club member signatures, including Sal Taibi's (he designed it, you know). We got Sal's signature by sending him a piece of yellow Silkspan, which he signed and sent back. This we doped to the stab.

Takeoff often required a running start!

They built them big in the thirty's.

Launching a model at the 1947 Internats.

Club members display their models.

Awards and prizes to the winners in 1957.

In 1990 Clark Darling also builds them big.

Charles Gagliano shows off his tow line glider.

Dick Delinski with his scale model Stinson Gull-wing Reliant

Bob Hatschek holding a model in 1957.

Preparing to launch in 1957.

The legendary Henry Struck and his Wakefield model.

Jean Pailet, John Carbone and Joe Wagner at the 1998 Nats.

Alan Abriss, Larry Davidson, Bob Geyer, Jack Nix and Jim Bocckinfuso.

Bob Langelius, Vick and Tena Nippert at the 1998 Nats.

The Skyscrapers at the 1998 NFFS dinner.

From the above photos you can probably tell that the Skyscrapers know how to have a good time! Getting together to share in a passion for flying model airplanes is both relaxing and a way to get to know other people who share in the same hobby. Go here if you'd like to see videos from some of these gatherings.

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