King Orange International 2005

Photos by Alan Abriss

This year's King Orange provided all who attended three days of picture perfect weather and flying conditions. Thursday was very breezy with temperature in the 70's. Chases were long but most models stayed on the field.

Friday's Dawn event was flown as soon as the sun came out, about 10:30 AM once the fog burned off. Wind was light and the temperture was in the mid 70's. Wind was from the West all day until about 4:30, when it did a 180 on us and was blowing from the East. Those of us still flying had to move the flight line to keep the models on the field.

Saturday was almost a carbon copy of Friday. You gotta love being able to wear shorts and a t-shirt on New Years Day eve.

Enjoy the photos below from this years contest.

Eddie VanLandingham winds outside the model. Inserts the motor and launches.

Dave Acton and Marge Volmer discuss the weather. Al Volmer looks for thermals.

John Clapp works on his Coupe.

Dan Berry, "Luddite" says so on his shirt.

Lisa Pacelli and Marge Volmer.

Ward, Marion and Robert.

Brian Pacelli and Nicole.

One of the Flying Aces competitors.

Vic and Tena Nippert.

A Flying Aces mass launch.

Motor bikes on the flight line.

Dan Berry launches and Bob Geyer times.

Friday morning 9:00 AM.

Fog dosen't stop these Juniors.

Mass launch into the fog.

Stealth Moffet model.

The sun tries to burn through.

Flying Aces models are also grounded in the Fog.

The fog starts to lift and models are prepared.

The sun came out and the Flying Aces had another mass launch.

Jim Bocckinfuso launches his Pearl.

Dan Berry and his Gollywock. It's got 49 patches on it.

Alan Abriss placed 2nd with his T-Bird.

Jean Pailet launches and Bob Geyer times.

Jim Bocckinfuso, Bob Hanford and Tena Nippert.

Gil Morris and his Comet Clipper.

Vic Nippert and his beautiful Spruce Goose.

Jim Bocckinfuso launches and Larry Davidson times.

Alan Abriss, Bob Geyer, Jim Bocckinfuso and Larry Davidson.

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