"A Cup Of Bob"


Dave Rounsaville

"Would you hold this a minute Dave"?
Alan Abriss 10-20-12
(Now That was Quite a powerful honor when asked to hold a cup of Bob's ashes!)

Son Eric was busy preparing the hopper on his rubber powered Unlimited(?) creation from his Dad's recently assembled parts . A radio signal! (perish the thought, son...Bob always knew FreeFlights were far superior to R/C because they KNEW how to fly, they didn't need any help from a human and an R/C transmitter) would spread his Dad's ashes over the field. Very Cool! It didn't quite work as expected but Dad never the less was spread over the runway. Alan then did a short service when the rest of the family arrived and spread Bob to the wind as a beautiful gesture. My wife Terri was very moved and describe's it in her words. You can read Terri's essay here.

Bob Hatschek's Memorial service...

It was a Sunny Beautiful Day at Galeville, NY. A field I had spent many hours at in the late 60's, 70's and '80's flying models.It was wonderful for me personally to see the field that we spent so many afternoons either competing or practicing. I remember sharing sardines with Bob during our practice sessions for the World Champs in Bulgaria. I had made it on the US Team in California Sept '74. Bob was there. My Team mate Frank Wolf made it on the Team too. Later Bob had figured out a way to stop our engine props by using a Montreal Stop concept used for Wakefields but modified for Power Models! It certainly made a Solid 'bang' when actuated and was a different approach for sure. Bob had asked for one of mine in recent years as an example but I never got it to him! A lesson there? DO IT NOW?!

Bob was an excellent photographer. I treasure his photos of me launching at the World Champs in Bulgaria...One was 'almost' a Flying Models Cover Shot' too. I have it prominently displayed at home in my trophy case!
How do I sum up 50 plus years of memories with a man I knew as a model aviation icon, friend & mentor? AND who sorta defined my life's experiences with free flight model airplanes. I have been blessed to know many wonderful people in this sport but Bob was a huge figure in my modelling career.
Bob Hatschek and I go back a long ways for sure...Someone we kids knew only thru magazine stories but then had a chance to meet AND even talk to ...at contests...IN PERSON! Wow! Bob had placed second in Wakefield at the 1959 World Champs and was certainly an imposing figure on the field. Very Tall and Vocal!

The 'Old Days'...Applegarth mostly, Soleberg, Round Valley, NJ, Montgomery, and later Galeville, NY. Lotsa model flying contests and stories.
My dad always drove me to those early contests especially at Applegarth and Montgomery. Bob wore a mask to filter out pollen for his allergies. He either got one or was helpful in getting one for us too as I had Asthma as a kid. It really helped and I still have my original one in my workshop.
Many of our finest model friends have left us in recent years. Now add Bob to the list. I miss my buddy Jack Nix terribly. Jack and Bob spent many hours refining props for the thin air of Albuquerque in 1969/70. We all spent many hours flying & chasing together. Tom Kerr. A wonderful Thermal picker, competition flyer and my cheerleader in recent years. Yes they all were competitors but they all were helpmates and supporters and THAT is the One great thing about Free Flighters!

One thing for sure is the legacy that Bob Hatschek left for all of us and THAT is his poem "Ode to Free Flight"...
That has been with me since the early days and through all my wonderful experiences...I would wish the same for everyone!
Thank You Bob!

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